Discografia THE DOORS [ 1965-2008] / Torrent Download

1 Studio albums
1967 Strange Days (40th Anniversary Boxed Set) 
1967 The Doors (40th Anniversary Boxed Set) 
1968 Waiting For The Sun (40th Anniversary Boxed Set) 
1969 The Soft Parade (40th Anniversary Boxed Set) 
1970 Morrison Hotel - Hard Rock Cafe (40th Anniversary Boxed Set)
1971 LA Woman (40th Anniversary Boxed Set) 
1971 Other Voices 
1972 Full Circle
1978 An American Prayer 
2007 Infected Mushroom Presents - The Doors Remixed (2 CD) 

2 Live albums
1967 (Mar 7th) The Complete Matrix Club Tapes (4 CD) 
1968 (Jul 12th) Live in Seattle Center Arena 
1968 (Jul 5th) Live at Hollywood Bowl The Riot Show 
1968 (Jul 5th) Live at The Hollywood Bowl + Spot Radio Promo (1987) 
1968 (Jul 9th) Dallas Memorial Auditorium 
1968 (Mar 7th) New York, Steve Paul's scene (Jimi Hendrix ft. Jim Morrison) 
1968 (Sep 18th) Live at Gladsaxe TV Studio Copenhagen Denmark 
1968 (Sep 20th) Live in Konserthuset Stockholm (2 CD)
1968 (Sep 20th) Live in Konserthuset Stockholm (Early Show SBD Remaster)
1968 (Sep 20th) Live in Konserthuset Stockholm (Late Show SBD Pre-FM)
1968 (Sep 6th) The Roundhouse London England Late Show SBD #1 (Live) 
1968 (Sep 6th) The Roundhouse London England Late Show SBD #2 (Live) 
1969 (Avr 28th) PBS Studios (Live) 
1969 (Feb 25th) Missing Links (Live Sunset Sound Hollywood CA) 
1969 (Feb 25th) Rock Is Dead Sessions (Sunset Sound Hollywood CA) 
1969 (Sep 13th) Live at Toronto Varsity Stadium 
1970 (Apr 18th) Live at Honolulu Convention Centre (2 CD) 
1970 (Aug 29th) Isle Of Wight Festival 
1970 (Dec 8th) Jim Morrison Birthday Poetry Session (Selected) 
1970 (Jul 27th) Absolutely Live 
1970 (Jun 6th) One Hundred Minutes (The Complete Vancouver Concert) (2 CD) 
1971 (Jan 15th) Bob Courish interviews Jim Morrison at a Street Cafe, Los Angeles 
1971 A Conversation With Jim Morrison (some lossy tracks, better quality) 
1983 Alive She Cried 
1991 In Concert (2 CD) 
2001 The Ultimate Collected Spoken Word 1967-1970 (Jim Morrison) 
2008 Television Skies (3 CD) 

3 Compilation albums
1969-71 The Lost Paris Tapes (And Extras Jim Morrison) 
1980 Greatest Hits (+ Video) 
1985 The Best Of The Doors (2 CD) 
1997 Box Set CD1 Without A Safety Net 

1997 Box Set CD2 Live In New York 
1997 Box Set CD3 The Future Ain't What It Used To Be 
1997 Box Set CD4 Band Favorites 
2000 Essential Rarities 
2003 Legacy-The Absolute Best (2 CD) 
2008 Anthology CD1 Moonlight Drive (1965-1967) 
2008 Anthology CD2 The Celebration of The Lizard (1967-1968) 
2008 Anthology CD3 Whiskey, Mystics & Men (1968-1969) 
2008 Anthology CD4 Rock Is Dead (1969) 
2008 Anthology CD5 Roadhouse Blues (1969-1970)
2008 Anthology CD6 When The Music's Over (1970) 
2008 Anthology CD7 Universal Mind (1970) 
2008 Anthology CD8 In The Eye of The Sun (1970-1972) 
2008 The Platinum Collection

4 Bright Midnight archives
1969 Backstage And Dangerous - The Private Rehearsal (2 CD)
1969 Live At The Aquarius Theatre - The First Performance (2 CD) 
1969 Live At the Aquarius Theatre - The Second Performance (2 CD) 
1970 In Detroit (2 CD) 
1970 Live In Boston (3 CD) 
1970 Live In New York (6 CD + Bonus CD) 
1970 Live In Philadelphia (2 CD) 
1970 Live In Pittsburgh 
1970 Live in Vancouver (Westwood One Radio Networks broadcast) (2 CD) 
2001 The Lost Interview Tapes Featuring Jim Morrison Volume One 
2002 Bright Midnight - Live in America 
2002 The Lost Interview Tapes Featuring Jim Morrison Volume Two

5 Singles
1965 Big Bucket T- Rampage (Single 45 Rick & The Ravens -Ray & Rick Manzarek Group) 
1965 Circle Twist - Blow Top (Single 45 Rick & The Ravens -Ray & Rick Manzarek Group) 1965 Henrietta - Just For You (Single 45 Rick & The Ravens -Ray & Rick Manzarek Group) 
1965 Soul Train - Geraldine (Single 45 Rick & The Ravens -Ray & Rick Manzarek Group) 
1967 Live at Family Dog
1967 Break on Through. End of the Night 
1967 Light My Fire. The Crystal Ship 
1967 Live at Avalon Ballroom (San Francisco) (2 CD) 
1967 People Are Strange. Unhappy Girl 
1968 Live in Saratoga performing arts center (Jim Morrison Single)
1970 Live at Winterland Arena San Francisco
1991 Light My Fire (CD maxi single) 
2007 The Indian And The Coyote (Jim Morrison Scrapbook Single) 

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